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A selection from our many customer testimonials:

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'Out of the many coverage services I have used, Reel Authors has been by far the most helpful and best value... When you spend hundreds of hours on a script, it's wonderful to have a reader who understands that, reads your script from page one to end, and takes time articulating their spot on feedback.' (G.P.)

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'The feedback was insightful, helpful, and prompt. ...I've gotten coverage, and useful coverage at that. The analysis that my reader provided has proven to be well worth the fee. I also found it refreshing to have my screenplay read, reviewed and judged by lovers of the Science Fiction genre.' (T.L.)

'I thought your feedback was delivered in a wonderfully positive and professional way. Giving the good stuff first is always appreciated! The critique made excellent points... I also appreciated the specific examples taken from my script, and the obvious care in which the feedback was given. The reader certainly knew my story, and characters.' (L.B.)