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Screenplay Contest

Due to a busy production schedule we will NOT be running our popular screenplay contest after the 2016 cycle ends.

What sets our contest apart from others is:

Awards & Prizes

Many screenplay contests have a preference for drama scripts and awards often largely go to screenplays of that genre. We are different - we want to recognize good screenwriting, regardless of genre.

Consequently we offer awards in six genre categories.

Our Awards:

Notification of all placings and awards will also be published on the our website.

In lieu of cash prizes we work hard to recognize good screenwriting and keep our entry fees ultra-low.

Publicity / Marketing of Your Screenplay

All scripts reaching the quarters, semis and finals will have their placement, screenplay title and author name published on this site.

Archive of Past Placements

We always keep an archive of past placements so agents, prodcos etc who wish to verify your award/placement can do so.

Screenplay Contest results

Pulsar Sci-Fi Screenplay & Teleplay Contest results

Entrants can download the Results PDF files to their hard drives for their own permanent copy.

Contest Eligibility, Terms & Conditions